The Working Together Podcast

The Working Together Podcast features in-depth interviews with people who have made interesting things happen—no matter their profession. From street-smart changemakers and operators to the book-learned academics of social innovation, the Working Together Podcast is on a mission to amplify lessons from the frontline of pragmatic social change. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an activist, a manager or an analyst, these episodes are chock full of insight and actionable advice that will inspire you to do more and change your world.

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Episode #24: Happy Winter Solstice from Working Together (Message)

Episode #23: Happy Winter Solstice from Working Together (Song)

Episode #22: Working Together Announcement

Episode #21: Bringing Laughter and Play to Refugee Children with Ash Perrin of The Flying Seagulls Project

Episode #20: Recipes for Efficacy

Episode #19: Communities of Interest and Communities of Practice with Gui Seiz of Making Sense

Episode #18: Technology is Breaking the World. Here’s How You can Join in. w/ Kevin Kelly

Episode #17: Sociocracy and the Digital Cooperative with Kayleigh Walsh of Outlandish

Episode #16: YYJ: Onward City with Caste Projects and Guests (Part 2)

Episode #15: YYJ: Onward City with Caste Projects and Guests (Part 1)

Episode #14: How to Practice Personal Mastery to Achieve your Vision

Episode #13: From Design Thinking to Design Doing with Christian Bason

Episode #12: Applied Theatre for Social Change and Self-Understanding with Warwick Dobson

Episode #11: Making Everybody a Designer through the Collaborative Space of the Design Charrette with Patrick Condon

Episode #10: Harvesting The Best of the Last 10 Episodes of The Working Together Podcast

Episode #9:  The Power of Circle and Story to Transform Our Workplaces and Communities with Chris Corrigan

Episode #8: How to Use Strategic Design to Become an Awesome Leader and Make an Impact in Your World

Episode #7: Creating a Bossless Business and Helping More People Work on Stuff That Matters with Joshua Vial of Enspiral

Episode #6: Democratic Innovation and the Citizen as a “Barn Raiser” with Peter MacLeod of MASS LBP

Episode #5: Mark Frauenfelder on the Maker Movement and the Blockchain Future

Episode #4: Bob Chartier on How to use the Power of Engagement and Dialogue to Transform your Organization and Community

Episode #3: How Do You Make Resolutions that Stick?

Episode #2: Anne Cooper on Innovative Early Years Programming, Setting Unrealistic Goals and How to Build Partnerships

Episode #1: David Leach on Being a Good Kibitzer, “Communities of Coexistence”, “Third Places” and more!