TWTP #3: How do you make Resolutions that Stick?


Do you ever go through a burst of inspiration and motivation, where everything seems to ‘click’ and you see exactly what you need to do to attain your goals?

You sit down, crack open your journal, put everything together and write out your game plan. With your intentions set and your plan sketched out, you confidently venture forth into the future! Then, a few months later, after you’ve accomplished your biggest goals, you live the dream!


Not so much.

This is a special New Years episode of The Working Together Podcast, with yours truly on the mic… solo. It’s my best effort to give you a framework for setting goals and resolutions that stick.

The framework is made up of three defined “sessions” to work through, and you can find blog posts about them, with all the resources mentioned during the episode, here:

How do you make Resolutions that Stick? (start here)

Session 1: The Deep Dive

Session 2: The Nitty Gritty

Session 3: The Well Crafted Habit

So, as much as I like to provide awesome show notes for you guys, for this episode I’ll just point you to these blog posts that already have resources and links within.


Credit where credit is due:

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