Harvesting The Best of the Last 10 Episodes of The Working Together Podcast

On the 10th episode of the Working Together Podcast, I take a break from our regular programming and harvest some of the best bits of previous episodes!

Although the conversations are diverse, some key themes emerge, and I’ve tried my best to curate┬álike-with-like in this show.

Whether you want to learn how to build awesome partnerships across diverse groups of stakeholders, or better understand the importance of architecture and city planning for cooperative living, this episode is jam packed!

I really enjoyed selecting and curating these nuggets of podcast gold, so I think I’m going to do this every once in awhile with the interview-oriented episodes. There’s so much rich information in the conversations I have with social innovators and practitioners of awesomeness, why not mull it over a bit more?

In order of appearance, here’s who I talk to:

Credit where credit is due:

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