Beardless me

Working Together is made up by me, Stefan Morales.

(But I have a beard now)

I’m a bit of an admixture of passions, interests and experiences.

Today I’m a family man juggling work-life balance.

Years ago I was schooled in political theory, anthropology, and other social sciences and humanities.  I was once a host on college radio shows for a number of years and played in bands, and today I still make art and music (largely with my kids).

Throughout my professional career, I’ve been an employee in the private, non-profit, and public sectors, and I’ve also worked for myself as a freelancer and entrepreneur in various guises.

I guess I am a stereotype of my generation and its precarious relationship to work, career and calling.

My calling with Working Together is about my passion for innovative relationship- and team-building within and across sectors. It’s about creating a tribe of would-be changemakers and visionary leaders to help spread the who, what, how and why of positive change–in our communities and workplaces.

In short, it’s all about exploring who we are and how we can work together, better.

Some might call what I’m interested in “social innovation”​, but I’ve been doing it for longer than I knew about the term (which I think is clunky) and would just call it something like “politically mindful facilitation of innovation awesomeness”​. Not a very good mouth-feel, right? We’ll stick with social innovation for now (but we’ll come back to this issue later).

Specifically, Working Together likes to try out different approaches for getting groups of people to lead and work together, better. Sometimes this involves exercises and activities you can do in a group, other times this involves work you do on yourself to transform you into a person who has greater impact and efficacy.

To that end, Working Together is here to teach you how to become an effective leader and bring people together constructively to achieve shared visions. And I see two big phases to Working Together’s big WHY:

First, I aim to create a robust online community of folks who are looking to affect positive change in their workplaces and communities, folks who want to learn from and teach one another. On this front, I currently pump out the jams through a blog and podcast, and online live seminar–all with the goal of helping readers, listeners and students make a positive impact in their worlds through the simple art of leading and gathering.

Next, after I’ve built a good base of active practitioners and Working Together is a sustainable business (not the side hustle that it currently is), I aim to pull together fellow collaborators and create a digital cooperative the likes of Enspiral and Outlandish. The goal would be to start designing innovative SAAS products and facilitation services using insights from neuroscience, psychology, sociology, economics, and political science to enable groups of people to work together, better.

I’m sure this ABOUT page will change (and it already has a few times now)!  As I go, I will do my best to catalogue the process of creating Working Together and share the experiments and the learnings with you, my audience.

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